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Best Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil For Swimming

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When it comes to makeup durability, you will concern on your eyebrow. Why should be your eyebrow? Let’s be back to the makeup trend which women are in love to keep their eyebrow as natural as it should be by applying the pencil throughout the eyebrow line. Somehow, this always remains a problem when you go to the swimming pool or you just accidentally get your eyebrow splashed by the rain. What happens then? Your makeup is ruined! Therefore, you need to consider a waterproof eyebrow pencil. It must keep our whole day looking good and fresh even though you jump in the pool many times for swimming. Here are some recommendations; list of bets waterproof pencil on the market!


The pencil is completed with a brush as well to keep it neat. The best part we like from this eyebrow pencil is you can mix the color with its double tone. The texture is perfect, which is not too soft and too hard so you can apply it easily. It leaves natural effect and the color blends well with the eyebrow leaving you having natural look and conceal your flaws.


It fills your brow perfectly and keeps it neat with the built in comb. Besides, the formula is designed to be waterproof and last longer, so you have no worry when you jump in the pool very often. It also blends well with your natural brow keeping it looking natural and great. A tip you can try to get a perfect result is as follow:

  • Fill the brows with Define-A-Brow pencil (with thin strokes)
  • After that, blend your ideal brow with little pressure. You can rub it with your fingertip to get the most natural look.


Another perfect waterproof eyebrow pencil is this TONYMOLY 7 DAYS TATOO EYEBROW which can make a realistic look with light material. It offers super long-lasting look with the brush type eyebrow pen to ease you get a perfect eyebrow. Maybe you have to be a professional eyebrow maker before considering this as your daily product because it can last up to 3-7 days when you apply it on the clean skin. If you draw it too much, just swipe it soon before it gets dry. The better result should be used 1-2 hour before sleep.


This brand won the Total Beauty Awards, 2012 offering you an innovative technology with tip pen applicator to ensure you can apply it well on the eyebrow. The formula blends well in it and it is water resistant. For the best result, you can apply multiple colors and blend it with your fingertips.

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Keep in mind to consider your hair color so you will get the perfect look. If you don’t get the right color with one pencil, don’t hesitate to blend it with multiple tones.

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