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Fillers For Under Eye Bags

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What Is the Best Way to Get Rid of Under Eye Bags?

Women hate sunken eyes and eye bags. This often happens when we lack sleeping, stress and eat more caffeine. In fact getting rid of the eye bags and sunken eyes are not easy. Some treatments sometimes don’t work well. You probably can remove the dark circles around your eyes, but you will have difficulties removing the bags.

Experts often suggest having dermal filler injections or the cosmetic lower eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty). Interested?

Well, before we discuss more about the eye bags treatment, it is better to get yourself introduced with the eye bag causes. People who complain the under-eye bad have bulging eyelid fat. besides, the hollowing under the pouch is extending to the upper cheek. That’s why your eye-bag gets bigger.

The procedures of filler injections are purposed to the one who has less excessive fat pouches. It is the best way for them who avoid surgery. The result is often the same with the blepharoplasty surgery. However, it doesn’t last longer.

What is the different between surgery or filler injection?

As your dark circles and eye-bag can make you look older, the option of the two procedures between surgery and filler injection are suggested. But you need to look at the actual different to meet your need.

Under-eye Filler

This filler injection procedure will last from 1-2 years with little downtime. This procedure often suggested for eye bag caused by hollowing. Besides, it is less expensive, so many women prefer this procedure.

Blepharoplasty Surgery

This procedure will last for many years. It takes 1-3 weeks downtime. The procedure is offered for the one who has eye-bag caused by bulging fat. Unlike the filler injection, it is costly. However, it is worthy for last longer result.

How does the under-eye filler work?

The procedure of filler injection takes around 15-20 minutes. The gel is injected to fill your under-eye which will remove the dark spot.

How does the blepharoplasty surgery work?

When you have bulging fat, it will be removed. This will leave scars behind the eyelid. However, the skin will be tightened using laser skin removal or chemical peel which will remove the problems.

Looking at the procedure above, it is simply that you need to find an expert to do surgeon and filler injection. You will need some advice from them, so you can pick the right procedure. It is not only about the budget, but also your health.

Well, seeing the causes and the procedure we have explained, do you still consider for natural remedies? We think you won’t! Because the fat that causes the eye bags will disappear only when you remove it. That’s why surgeon matters for you.

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At first, the blepharoplasty would be very expensive, but when you compare the result that last longer than the filler injection, you probably will change your mind. You don’t need to consult with professional each year just to do the same procedure. It is cheaper at the end.

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