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How to Get Rid of Sunken Eyes

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Sunken eyes and circles are the most common thing found in women which make them apply thicker makeup to conceal the flaws. Covering the sunken eyes will avoid you from looking unhealthy and exhausted. However, this problem will still exist as long as you don’t fix the problem including sleep habit, sun exposure, and thinning skin. Some treatments are believed to cure this and have been proven work well for many people. If you want to try, these are procedures you must follow.

Step 1

There is a number of treatments product that contains vitamin K, A, C and E. Apply it around the dark area to remove the eye circles. Make sure you consult with your doctor to see if you have allergies or not.

Step 2

Have a quality sleep. You should start arranging your sleeping schedule to avoid dark circle around your eyes. For adults, the minimum amount of sleeping time is 7-8 hours a day. Reschedule your sleep by sleeping and waking up at the same time daily.

Step 3

Arrange a comfortable pillow. There are a number of pillows you can pick according to your sleep position. If you sleep on your side, the semi-firm pillow will match the most. If you sleep on your back, the one that has enough firmness will prevent the body from back pain. Or, if you sleep on your stomach, the fluffy pillows should be of your choice.

Step 4

You can compress the eyes using cucumber slices and cotton beauty that is dipped into cold water. The skin cold helps the blood vessel dilate. As a result, the sunken eyes could be removed slowly.

Apply Sun Screen

Another tip you can apply is applying the sunscreen under the eyes. Pick a sunscreen that is designed for eyes only to avoid irritation. For your information, sun exposure will increase the production of cells that can worsen your dark circles around the eyes. The cream protection will help you fix this. You can buy the one with SPF 30 at the local store.

Avoid Caffeine

If you want to get rid of dark circles completely, try to avoid caffeine and alcohol since it takes the highest contribution to darken your sunken eyes. Discontinue these habits to get a perfect eye look.

Deal with Allergies

Allergies can be the causes of your dark circles. As you have it, use a saline wash to rinse the sinus and reduce the effect during the night. Most people who suffer allergies cannot sleep properly.As you get a better sleep, you can improve your appearance. There are a number of saline washes you can pick at the pharmacies.

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What Are You Need During the Treatment?

You will need several important things bellow:

  • Eye cream that is rich in vitamin
  • Comfortable pillows
  • Cold compresses
  • Sunscreen

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Remember, that your work will take time. As long as you are consistent, everything will be worthy for sure.

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