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Perfume that smells like soap keeps your body fresh throughout the day. This perfume makes you feel like you just took a bath and also made you feel better

Perfume that smells like soap? Here’s the answer

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A perfume that smells like soap is newly being loved by girls, either boy.What people know about this body scent product is there are lots of flowers aroma which is genuinely reflecting its appearance. Some aromas such as red rose, jasmine, and others are just the common one. However, this shower aroma becomes the most wanted scent. Some people say it can help them covering their bad odor during the whole day, so it makes them feel like having gone out of the shower. Therefore, I show you 5 best products that smell like soap.

7 Most Popular Perfumes that smell like soap


Perfume lovers must know this lovely and unisex cologne spray. Demeter products smell like a warm body after a long bubble shower. There are some types of Demeter you can choose. Three of them are Laundromat, Pure Soap, and Clean Skin. Apply these products, so you can fool everyone as if you have gone shower for a long time.

Gendarme & Gendarme Carriere

Gendarme is designed for men’s and Gendarme Carriere is for women’s. The scent is quite similar with Gendarme Carriere, which is more floral, and both have a fresh aroma. Gendarme & Gendarme Carriere appears to be the original clean and fresh fragrance line since 1991 until then many manufacturers copy their taste. It is good to use it in the summer day where it seems like a shower in a bottle.

Replica Lazy Sunday

This soapy perfume is actually created to captured scent of lazy Sunday morning. This is really suitable for your Sunday activities in a summer season with many kinds of a gently soft scent of iris, white musk, and lily of the Valley.

Annick Goutal Eau d’Hadrien

Any kinds of soaps commonly have citrus scents. This Annick Goutal Eau d’Hadrien’s is created for simple citrus scent. It’s beneficial for the one who does not like wearing perfume. It is so comfort to have and smell like a fresh body throughout the day.

Fresh Life

What a lovely grapefruit-infused scent! This Fresh Life will freshen your day even though you skip your bath. Some beautiful citrus scents can be chosen from several notes such as cucumber, vanilla, orange, lilac, and grapefruit which are the scents of a soap. This product can gently tempt everyone by its refreshing and long lasting aromas.

Jovan Musk

This product is obviously a soapy perfume you will ever have. It is impossible if people do not know Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo. Jovan Musk really smells like bathing tools considering the scent is like soap and shampoo. Again, it is really soft so it works on your body to fight the odor and you will really have a feeling of having just gone out of the bathroom.

Chanel Chance

As many other citrus soapy perfumes, this would be the favorite one for the girl who is lazy for bathing during the day. You will get the fresh aroma from its lightest fragrance.

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