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The best high end perfume brand you should know

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Everything will look impressive when you apply perfume on your body. It boosts your confidence and even can put everything in the right place when you communicate with someone. Perfume is more than a language. It is your personality and personal taste. That’s why there is a range of products coming in the market with different quality, fragrance and of course price.

Perfume industries have never been a saturated business and it is always developed from high-end perfume to the low one. And when it goes to a quality, well this is your preference. Each customer has a taste! If you want to look for a sophisticated product, we have a list of the high-end perfumes you can pick.

High End Perfume Brands For Perfume Lovers

Annick Goutal

Annick Goutal was a model and pianist. She found her masterpiece during her work on making facial cream creation. In 1980, she launched her first perfume collection until then her company was bought by Taittinger Group in the mid-1980 and was bought later by Starwood Capital.

Today Annick Goutal is known as the high-end perfumes with 61 variants of fragrance base. Today, the one of most well-known product in the world collaborates with Isabelle Doyen, Annick Goutal, Mathieu Nardin and much more. If you want it, you need to spend around $110-$310 depending on the variants and features.


Another high end perfume comes from Arquiste that was founded by Carlos Huber, a Mexican who used to work for Polo Ralph Lauren as an interior designer. He got the most prestigious titles as Fashion Group International’s Best Fragrance Entrepreneur Brand along with the Fragrance Foundation’s Top 5 Brands Launched after moving to New York to work for his masterpiece with Arquiste. Today, his work will be worth $165-$185.

Frederic Malle

Frederic Malle might be the next generation of Christian Dior who his grandfather have taken the spotlight with his finding. He used to work as the professional perfume evaluator before finding his masterpiece and dedicated it the perfume itself rather than working for the brand. He loved creating a fragrance and had never loved the particular style. The price range begins from $145-$350. It is worth to afford such kind of beautiful scent.

The Different Company

The next high end perfume you should know is The Different Company which was founded in 2000. Jean-Claude Ellene who created the best perfume variants also work for Hermes, Carrier, and Bulgari. Their product is sold from $95-$375.

Joya Studio

Designed for the high-end product lover, Joya Studio also collaborated with well-known brands including Rodarte, Ralph Lauren, and Opening Ceremony. It costs in almost $800 making them as one of the most well-known product among competitors. Joya Studio perfumes are sold beginning from $112-$750.


Based in Turin, Italy, Xerjoff has raised as one of the most popular perfume in the Middle East and Europe. The concept is stuck to the luxury with elegance bottle. It is made of Murano glass and other special materials which make it come as the sculptural art. The price range is not a shock with $200-$790. It is worth for its elegance and excellent scents resulted in.

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