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The Best Non-Alcohol Deodorant for Men and Women

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Do you check your deodorant product before buying it? If you don’t, you should do this right now! There are numerous chemicals substances that put our health at a big risk. The ones that you should notice are aluminum and alcohol which can damage your body and cause serious diseases.

The non alcohol deodorant sometimes is a little bit difficult to find as many manufacturers list the chemical in a different name. When you find isopropyl, SD Alcohol or alcohol , it is better to avoid that kind of product due to the harmful effect on your skin. Moreover, if you are allergic to certain substances.

The alcohol plays an important role in triggering allergic for sensitive skin due to several reasons including making your skin dry as the function is a fat solvent. So, the only answer to avoid this kind of things is choosing the non alcohol deodorant, and we the list for you!

Alcohol-free deodorants for men

Dr. Mist All Natural Organic Unscented Deodorant Spray

One of the best deodorants you can pick is the Dr. Mist All Natural Organic Unscented Deodorant Spray. The simple ingredients and salt combination can keep your armpit dry throughout the day. The best thing ever is it can balance your natural armpit Ph and moistures it well. Don’t worry! It doesn’t leave a stain on the clothes.

Tom’s of Maine Natural Care Deodorant Stick

It is a natural deodorant designed for men with aluminum-free, no parabens, and no artificial fragrance. This will keep you stay away from odor up to 24 hours. This also has no animal ingredients and halal for you because has Kosher certified.

This might be your best option because the company includes a clear description of every ingredient. They ensure their customer have good knowledge about their product.

Anthony Alcohol-Free Deodorant, 2.5 oz

Another aluminum-free deodorant formula will relieve your worries. This product will not leave a stain on clothes and protect you from odor throughout the day. For the better result, apply it to your underarms after bathing.

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Alcohol-free deodorants for women

Primal Pit Paste Natural Deodorant in Jacked-Up Jasmine

If you are the one who has sensitive skin, you might love this product. This is a deodorant with gentle scented that is mostly loved by women. A product you might love is Primal Pit Paste Natural Deodorant in Jacked-Up Jasmine. This deodorant is made of shea butter, baking butter, and other natural ingredients. Other variants you can find on this product are Thyme and Lemongrass.

Good For You Girls All Natural Aluminium-Free Deodorant

It uses essential oil and claimed free aluminum. It doesn’t use parabens, gluten-free and mineral oils. This product will work best for super sensitive skin while you can keep your armpit free from odor.

DeodoMom Roll-on

Another deodorant that fit your bill the most is this DeodoMom Roll-on. This deodorant uses two ingredients only like magnesium and water that can prevent you from sweetness and bad odor.

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That’s all our suggestion about the aluminum-free deodorant you can pick. Keep in mind to pay attention to the ingredients because some of you might allergic to them even though it is the natural one.

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