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3 Most Expensive Hair Brushes

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Of course, women are fragile to have damaged hair. Hair conditioner, shampoo, hair mask or even your brush matter. Talking about the brush, there is a number of them which deliver a certain feature to help you preventing and even cure the hair loss. Indeed, the hair brush has a different offer than any other you find before. The price? It is absolutely expensive. But for women who care about their hair health, it always doesn’t matter.

The important thing of buying the best comb is to help you from certain hair problems. Especially for adults. This also can be a treatment due to the hair damaged and give you relaxing sensation. Apart from that, expensive combs are mostly no animal tested. It is guaranteed safe.

There is a number of choices you can pick. For you who care about your hair, these expensive hair brush list might help you a lot.

The Most Expensive Hair Brushes

Viatek HairPro Luxor Laser Hair Brush

Are you at risk to have bald? This Viatek HairPro Luxor Laser Hair Brush might help you to prevent the hair loss and care your skinhead. The advanced technology includes nine lasers along with six LED which can stimulate your hair to grow. This brush works by stimulating the red blood production that will trigger your follicle active. You can find the 26 removable bristles also the rechargeable battery in this brush. If you are interested in purchasing, be ready for a $499,99 price tag. It is expensive, but it is worth it if you consider the function and how this could affect your hair loss.

ghd’s Oval Dressing Brush

This is not the most expensive brush in the world, but in Jakarta-Indonesia. Made from non-plastic or nylon material, this ghd’s Oval Dressing Brush is worth it to be one of your wardrobe collection.

The brush helps you to distribute your natural oil and stimulate your follicle to grow healthy hair. Another good thing you can take as an advantage is free from dandruff and make your scalp clean from debris.

Well, this hairbrush is not the most expensive in the world, but it is one of the best products which is equal with Tangle Teezer and Wet Brush quality. Who know if this product sold only IDR 650.00 or around $60. For your information, most artists and hair professionals in Indonesia use this. Do you want to git it a try?

Mason Pearson

As one of the most expensive comb in the world, Mason Pearson is also one of the most popular and favorited among others. This comb will spread sebum on your scalp and reduce the split end risk.

Another good thing you can find from this comb is the ability to distribute the natural oil well. It stimulates the follicle to grow your hair more and give you the best look.

Apart from the features offered, the price is interesting. You should buy it at $205! Interested? It is worth it for you who have problems with hair for sure!

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