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Best Pomade for Thick Hair

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Having thick hair for some people is more like a burden. They should spend many times looking at the mirror to apply products and stare at it again to see whether there is nothing happened before going out. Therefore many people opt for having a pomade to keep the look styled throughout the day. This combination of wax and gel will be your must-have item then. Here is the list of best pomade you need to see!

Most Recommended Best Palm For Thick Hair

Jovinno Premium Hair Styling Pomade / Hair Wax

It is designed from high-end ingredients which are taken from France. It is long lasting, water soluble, easy to wash and safe formula. Don’t worry about your hair types. It is matched to any kind of hair types to give you a flexible curly hair style that eases you to control it. The available is 5 ounces so you can bring everywhere and apply it as you need it.

Most costumers say it gives strong hold and adjustable result. The smell is also light and pleasant.

Imperial Barber Grade Products® Blacktop Pomade

This is one of the best pomades you need to own which is claimed as the strongest water-based pomade (in America). The best feel experienced by the customer is feeling free from oily look when most pomade leaves an oil slick. This is great fro you who admire the matte finish.

However, not all hair types fit with Imperial Barber because it leaves black tint for your blonde hair and the scalp as well.

Smooth Viking Hair Care Pomade,

It water-based styling pomade which gives you dapper look. It leaves adjustable results so you can arrange your hair look as desired.

Tips for you who want to have the best result. Apply a small amount of pomade on your dry hair to add more volume. You can dampen your hair before using the pomade if you want a shiny look. Another benefit that makes you so thankful is that this product doesn’t cause dandruff.

Uppercut Deluxe Pomade 3.5oz

The product is water soluble with a medium-strong hold to keep you having draped hair throughout the day. You can feel relaxed since this pomade has light coconut and vanilla combination. It so relaxing. The medium shine finish is a combination of matte finish and high shine. Therefore it will give a little greasy look.

American Crew POMADE FOR HOLD AND SHINE 3 OZ for Men

Is going to have a date? Apply this American Crew for an excellent and romantic look. You can apply it on your wet hair to give shiny result and stronger hold. Interestingly, this product is not water-based, so you will not worry when the rain pours on you. However, this is difficult to distribute and rinse out. yet, the American Crew will be your best for you who avoid chemical substances including synthetic scents.

That’s all our recommendations to fix your thick hair. Keep in mind to use it wisely (like when you need this). If you just want to hang around you can apply the water-based pomade, but if you need a super professional and romantic meet with the perfect look, the one that has the strongest hold is more recommended.

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