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Best Shampoo To Thicken Hair

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When it comes to hair goals, of course, women will do everything to make it shiny, thick and healthy. In fact, you have to deal with several aspects that can damage your hair. It even the beauty care that you should be careful to look for. Alcohol, sulfates, perfumes and other ingredients that can damage your hair are at the front. If you don’t, be careful with the baldness that can happen to you as well. Shampoos will not be enough to thicken hair. Therefore, you can follow this procedure.

How To Boost Your Hair Volume

Try Shampoo To Thicken Hair

Picking the right shampoo to thicker hair is the best formula which can volume your hair without over styling it. You can opt for conditioner and shampoo that is designed to thicken hair made from panthenol and green tea extract. Nexxus New York Salon Care Diametress Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner is claimed to increase each strand up to 17%.

Create Illusion

Another instant rule you can try is by making layers. Keep in mind to have not only one length cut for your hair. This step is one of the trickiest things a hair-cut professional can do.

Find Your Best Brushing Tools

From now on, you have to skip the metal brush and opt for the round brush to get the best look of thicker hair. The round brush is the one that always used by the professional to style their clients’ hair. You can choose the Ibiza EX3 round brush which can create subtle bend for your ends and roots resulting fuller result.

Pay attention to shampoo that consists of panthenol or glycerin. Those two types of ingredients are proven to be able to expand the size of the strands. They can penetrate into each fiber so you will get your hair look thicker. A product you can trust is the Nexxus New York Salon Care Diametress Conditioning Crème which can do this thing well.

Feed your hair

Your hair also needs nutrition in which you can get from the personal beauty cares. Some of them consist of vitamin C, biotin, fatty acids, and protein. You can eat some healthy food from fish and vegetables to get nutrients that your hair need.

Focus On How to Add More Volume All Over, Not Just from The root

You can spray your hair roots with the volumizer from 12 inches away. After that, comb your hair thoroughly and blow-drying. One product that fits with your purpose is the HYDRA-LIGHT ROOT LIFTING MIST FOR OILY HAIR which can get rid of grease in your hair so you can add volume with less effort. It also gives nutrients and proper for daily use. Or, the KENRA PROFESSIONAL Root Lifting Spray 13 is the easy use product that is lightweight with nice smells. It is effective as well and can remove the greasy hair quickly.

Try Dry Shampoo

It can be your last try if you want an instant look without looking greasy and spending your time to style your wet hair. A dry shampoo works best to remove oily hair and adds volume quickly. You can apply it on-the-go.

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