Permanent Hair Straightening Cost | You won't believe it how much it cost

Permanent Hair Straightening Cost | You won’t believe it how much it cost

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Permanent hair straightening is a procedure you need to include if you want a last-longer straight hair. The technique is similar with permanent coloring that applies chemicals which are riskier. It is costly and takes time, but the result is somewhat satisfied for getting your hair free from tangle and leaving it adjustable. However, there are things to consider if you decide to apply this procedure.

Permanent straightening will break the bonds in your hair which give the wavy and curly texture. The procedure is complicated that requires chemicals and very risky since can damage your scalp and your hair. Apart from the result of your hair, the risk doesn’t stop until you finish this procedure. It even needs more care as your hair will get split and dull. Therefore, the permanent straightening method often requires certain procedures to protect your hair from its harmful method. It is done before and after the procedure.

What Are To Consider Before Doing Hair Straightening Procedure?

Prepare for the Cost

Taking a break from the daily routine of brushing your hair and straightening it with a hair dryer with hair brush attachment is somewhat relieved. However, you will face another thing. As you choose to straighten your hair, of course, there will be another cost should be taken which is not only going to the salon but also daily care. You will need to change your shampoo, conditioner, and others to keep your hair well-arranged. It mostly costs from $150 to 1.000. Another budget is required from $100 until $200 for maintenance itself. You need figure out the potential disaster appeared after the straightening procedure.

Don’t Get It Wrong

Most people think that permanent straightening will remain permanent straight hair. For your information, it still can go back to the natural texture. It can be back to wavy texture when it used to be wavy and curly when it used to be curly. Therefore, you will need to style your hair every day to keep it straight even though it will less effort to do it.

Deal with Some Cautions

When you decide to straighten your hair, you have to deal with certain warnings including the harmful chemical. At the worse result, it will cause baldness, allergic and other things that certainly hurt your scalp. It will lead skin burns and hair fall in the worse problem.

Keep in mind to follow the procedure correctly and only go to a professional if you are not so sure. If yo don’t you might experience certain reactions.

So, if you think you are too desired to do this straightening technique, you have to deal with some bad things after the straightening procedure. Anyway, letting your natural hair grow is also beautiful. Curly is OK as long as you know how to style and arrange it. It is troublesome sometimes, but it is better because it will avoid you from harmful effect. Some actresses look good when they have thick and curly hair. You only need to show your natural beauty by taking the right hair treatment.

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