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The Best Blue Shampoo For Brown Hair

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When it comes to a shampoo, you are probably confused to pick the good one. Moreover when you have a brunette. Should it be a purple shampoo or the blue shampoo instead?

Well, understanding your hair color is more than complicated. Some how you need to trust your colorist to see what works best for you. Anyway, one thing you should know before taking the shampoo is we have a natural underlying pigment which is located underneath the visible hair color. These colors can be gold or yellow, copper or orange and red. To know what natural pigment is of yours, you will only know when you bleach it. Think what the first color is when you apply bleaching procedure.

If you have dark brunettes or those who have colors wth black hair will have red tones, for the light brunettes it will be the copper or orange tones, and when you have the light blonde, you will get the brassy undertones. Isn’t that easy? Ok! The next step you need to know is asking your colorist, what shampoo you are appropriate with. They know much since they understand your natural pigment.

Brunette comes to be the most asked question whether they should apply the purple or blue shampoo. A tip for you, if you have such brunette wth orange or copper tones, these products might help you a lot.

Blue Shampoo For Brown Hair That Work Best

Color Balance Blue Shampoo

It is a nice color balancing shampoo that gently cleanses your hair while keeping its brown hair. This works by penetrating to your hair fiber giving tone-correcting pigments formula. This also preserves your hair color up to 89% or around 6-8 weeks durability. The formula also repairs your hair from root-to-tip, fixing the frizz, giving shiner hair and protecting your hair from UV exposure. Apply the shampoo to wet hair in 1-3 minutes. Rinse until you get it clean. Repeat the procedures 2-3 times per week.


It is a perfect conditioner that softens your hair with color enhancer feature keeping your blonde and gray hair good. It also repairs the damaged hair with an excellent formula. Just apply the conditions to your washed hair. Leave it in minutes then rinse well. For the better result, you need to apply the BLONDE.ANGEL.WASH. This shampoo will rescue your hair from fading and make it shinier. Apply it on your scalp and your hair as well. Massage it thoroughly then use the conditioner.


It is designed for color-treated hair with smart foam formula, taken from the natural ingredients. It gives your soft hair with smooth texture and let you be easy to style the hair. It protects you from the breakage. Besides the product is available as well for blonde and brunette hair which is package in Lavender.

To get a better result, shake before use and apply it on damp hair. After that, you can style it as you wish. Wanna give a try?

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