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Whats A Good Shampoo For Oily Hair?

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Oily hair comes to be the most stressful thing for girls which they should wash their hair as often as possible. The idea is to add volume and get an interesting hairstyle result. Meanwhile, this also leads to a bad hair day, so you can’t have a longer hair style every day. You should do hair-washing and styling after it.

The worst part to get rid of the unwanted oil is not all shampoos will help you fix it. It even worsens your problem. That’s why you have to know the main reason why you always have bad hair day.

For your information, the scalp contains what is called sebaceous glands which will control how much oil needed to keep your head hydrated. It will release appropriate hydration by releasing sebum. Unfortunately, it also releases oil which leads to greasy hair. This problem leads you to wash the hair frequently and you should do this with excellent shampoo. Hence, two factors should be considered before purchasing it at the grocery store.

Hair types

Keep in mind to consider your hair type. Some of them tend to be oily than others which mean you have to find the right shampoo. Take an example for the curly hair which tends to be more oily at the roots and dry at the bottoms. This will also decide types of conditioner you need.


Hormones can be the main reason why the glands produce more oil. The oily hair happens during puberty, pregnancy and also when you taking a birth control medicine. You will get the glands produces more sebum than usual.

The Wrong Hair Washing Treatment

The last factor is your personal hair care. You might get the wrong products or you do wrong procedure during the hair washing. You might scrub too much so it can irritate your scalp. Or, you also might brush too much as this can worsen your hair. Therefore, try not to touch your scalp as much as possible.

What’s A Good Shampoo For Oily Hair?

With a number of products available on the market, it is always difficult to find the shampoo for your hair care. However, there are several rules to implement. First, you have to look at the one that is formulated for greasy hair which is typically written on the bottle. Secondly, you have to avoid silicone because this will include more oil than you think. The third step is by taking the one that is made of herbs. Take the one from the citrus extract which is effective to break down the oils.

An example to consider is the Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo which can clean your hair from residue up to 90%. The formula is very light and no irritating ingredients included. The best part of this products is this can work to remove residue from everyday buildup, heavy conditioner and styling products that can damage your hair leaving it with clean soft and also refreshed. It is pack in a small bottle so you can bring it to anywhere. Besides, it is the less budget shampoo that can help you save more to other beauty products.

Other brands can be found by classifiying our rules mentioned above and try to know your need the most. Good luck!

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