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Chin Straps for Sleep Apnea

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Is your partner often complain about your snoring? You are probably in a more serious condition which is called sleep apnea. It is a condition when you often get more pauses in breathing during your sleep. These pauses can be in seconds and minutes. Sometimes it can occur many times while resulting choking sound which is very annoying.

Sleep apnea is a serious condition which typically disturbs your sleep. You will have low quality sleep that results in tiredness during the day. This, of course, can lead you to daytime sleepless.

Someone who suffers sleep apnea often sleeps with the mouth open. A patient who sleeps with a mouth open will be advised to use chin strap combined with CPAP therapy.

Is the Chin Strap Effective?

It is the most effective anti-snoring you can find. One thing that you can ask is whether your chin strap is right for you or not. One thing that you should do when using this tool is considering your sleep position. This strap only works well when it stays in the same position during the night. If you are the one who has many moving positions, consider it well before buying.

Anyway, there are some types of the strap for people with sleep apnea. The most popular item is the one that has a sling and wider straps to help you keep it in the same place during sleeping. Besides, know when you should avoid using a chin strap.

Keep in mind to understand your snoring causes. If it is caused by nasal congestion or the sleep apnea, then you should avoid using the strap. It will be very dangerous for you!

When Should You Avoid Chin Straps?

If the problem of breathing comes from allergic or an infection, like sinusitis, you need to avoid the strap usage. This will prevent you to get enough oxygen which can lead you to a complication.

The first thing to do before buying straps is asking your partner if you sleep with snoring. If they tell that you sleep with sound, then try using straps. But when you snore while your mouth is closing, then your stars don’t work for you. You probably breathe with nostrils.

After you purchase the straps, make sure to ask your partner to observe whether you keep snoring or not. If you close your mouth and don’t result in sound during sleeping, then the strap works for you.

Or, for the safest way, just check yourself to the doctor to ensure the critical problem that disturbs you the most.

What Can We Do If the Chin Straps Don’t Work?

If you think your straps don’t help you so much, or you think you are bothered with appliances, surgery will be your only one choice. It is applied when you have overgrowth polyps as it is considered as the one that results in snoring issues.

Anyway, only a small amount of people face surgery to cure the issue. It depends on the condition and the snoring level. When doctor think you need to do surgery, you probably face certain things that could danger you.

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