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Can You Dye Your Eyelashes?

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At times, you must be tired of applying mascara every morning to boost your look. But, when your time is limited, then you decide to dye the lashes. Is it safe? It is safe only when you do the right procedure.

How to Dye Eyelashes?

There are several rules you have to follow to dye eyelashes. Make sure you only choose the one that has safe ingredients and anti-allergen.

How to choose an eyelash dye?

There is an exception that you cannot use the standard hair dye to color your lashes. Look for a product that is specifically designed for lashes and brows. Typically, most standard hair dye includes the chemical that is harmful to your eyes.

Eyelashes dye have few color options like black and brown as the most popular item. You can also opt for the deep blue. Most of the eyelashes dye color has not noticeable color.

Mix the Dye

The instruction of the dye kit must vary so you have to follow the procedure to mix it. However, most of the procedures are simpler by combining the activator and the color. You need to ensure that you do the correct procedure and additional warning.

  • Most of the dye kit will include a tube, a bottle of activating solution, a stirring wand, a mascara wand and a tray to mix the liquid.
  • Squeeze two-inch and from activator. Stir the liquid well.
  • Keep in mind that you don’t have to add too much activator because it will make the dye too runny. It will not stay on the wand well so you cannot apply it on the lashes.

Always Do Sensitivity Test

  • Apply a small amount of prepared dye on the skin right behind the ear or inside your elbow. Let it sit for 30 minutes before you rinse it off, then wait for it for 24 hours.
  • If you begin to feel the burn, itch or inflamed you are likely to have an allergic. Therefore, you shouldn’t use the dye eyelashes. Opt for another product that doesn’t trigger the allergy.
  • The next step to do applying the petroleum jelly around your eyes using a cotton ball. Apply it at the outer of the eyes around the lashes.
  • This is purposed to help you avoid the stain when dying the lashes. The petroleum jelly will simply absorb the stain and let you easier remove it.

Load the Wand

The applicator is actually the same with regular mascara.You just simply apply the dye on the lashes just like you do when applying mascara.

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Brush it!

Once you have done, brush the lashes using applicator. It is suggested to use a mirror to help you have a tidy result. Begin with the upper part and then comb it with the wand onto the underside. Make sure you will not let the dye enter the eyes. It will sting very much. If it happens, wash it soon.

Wipe the Stray Dye

Once you have done, it is time to remove the stray dye around your eyes using the clean cotton ball. Wait until 20 minutes and let the dye set. Then you can wash it with warm water using cotton pads.

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