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How To Apply Eyebrow Pencil

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Another important aspect of successful makeup comes from the eyebrows. Why? It frames your face! That’s why a woman might have terrible look even though she wears nice lipstick and a good mascara. The problems come to the eyebrows that far from perfection. In decades, the eyebrows style changes from the thinnest until it comes to a bold shape which was popular as well in Asia. Today, we will prefer the natural look rather than tattooing or draw it too much with a pencil. To sum up, here are procedures of how to use brow pencil:

  • Begin with holding a pencil vertically against the nose. Put the pencil at the base point (that closest to the nose). The edge of the pencil that is closer to the nose will be your starting point to draw. Remove the excessive hair or extend it when you need it. You can use the white pencil to mark it.
  • To decide the right tail, you can hold a pencil vertically then move the end out until making 45-degree angle. That should be your tail of the eyebrow. Mark it with a white pencil as a guide.
  • To determine the eyebrow thickness, you can hold a pencil vertically and look straight forward. The outer edge of the iris should be your arch. Don’t forget to mark it with the white pencil.
  • To see whether your eyebrow has the same height, hold the pencil horizontally at the top of your brow and check if it has the same height. Stop! Don’t pluck them to get the same size.
  • The next step is to use your face to determine what kind of eyebrows shape that fits you the most.
  • If you have a round face, the eyebrow with high angle will help you open the eyes and balance your face.
  • For you who have an oval face, just extend the length and never fill it too much.
  • If you have the heart-shaped face, you struggle to determine the right angled for your eyebrow. Never draw it too sharp or too angled. Making a lower tail and follow your brow bone will be much better.
  • If you have the square shape, the darker eyebrow will accentuate your face and balance it.
  • If you have the wide eyes, focus on grooming rather than making shape and pluck. Otherwise, you can extend the tail with wider arch to create wider eyes.
  • Pluck the hairs around the brows. Remove any extended hair out of the points you mark and pluck it carefully. Keep it natural and full.

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How to Pick the Right Eyebrow Pencil

  • If you have blondes hair, choose the 2-level darker than your natural hair color.
  • For brunettes, choose a lighter pencil (two shades lighter) than your hair color.
  • Those who have black hair, the dark brown is much better. Avoid the black shade instead.
  • The one with red hair, the taupe pencil will make you look fresher. Or you can opt for the medium brown.
  • The gray hair should opt for the taupe or the light brown.

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