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How To Make Edible Lip Gloss At Home

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Makeup is one of the important things in a woman life. However, not only adult, the teenager is also using a makeup, even they just use it a little bit. As a mother, when you have a grown up daughter, sometimes you also found your daughter try your makeup without you know it. It is normal. Your daughter is gone to be a beautiful girl as well as her mother. However, sometimes your makeup could be dangerous for your lovely daughter. As a smart mother, you have to find a way to overcome that problem. In addition, you can make them an edible lip gloss for your daughter. It is because of lip gloss is one of the preferred makeup for your daughter rather than lipstick. Also, you can make it by yourself to guarantee the safety of the makeup product.

How to Make an Edible Lip Gloss for Your Lovely Daughter

Prepare the material

If you wonder how to make and edible lip treatment for your daughter, you can prepare the following material in your home:

Vegetable shortening

Shortening is a base of this lip gloss. Vegetable shortening is one of the save shortening you can use because it made from a vegetable. It saves if your daughter swallows this lip gloss.


Honey has a lot of benefits to our skin, especially to our lip. Not only the benefits is the taste also sweet that your daughter may like this sweetness of the honey. Honey is also one of edible material that is good for your daughter’s lips

Unsweetened drink mix (kool-aid)

Kool-aid or drink mix is one of the ingredients that function to give a flavor in lip gloss. It is because, when your daughter put in on their lips they will comfortable and like the lips gloss. However, it should be sugar-free. Because when this lip gloss contains sugar it will turn into a disgusting mess after a week.

Hot water

Hot water is a function to mix the entire ingredient that you already prepare it. Hot water can use to mix the ingredient easily.

Cake decorating glitter

Glitter is an additional material that you can use to beautify your lip gloss. It can help you to give shimmering effect to the lips. If you do not want to make it glossier you do not have to add glitter in it.

Mix all the material

After all the material above is ready, you have to mix all of them. First, mix 1 tbsp of shortening and 1 tsp of honey. In a separate bowl, mix drinks mix and ΒΌ tsp of hot water. Stiff until you get the color. If you want to make this lip gloss glossier, you can put the glitter on it. After done with it, store it in the refrigerator for up to three days.

Edible lip gloss ready to use

Making up you own make up to your daughter will make your daughter happy and also it will make you guarantee the safety of the makeup that your daughter use.

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