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How to Make Eyebrows Grow Back Fast

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Women in the past shaved a few their eyebrows and drew it using a pencil to get a perfect shape. Today, the style seems to go back on natural look; eyebrows that are rich of hair and thick. Women also draw the eyebrows thicker to get this look and start to be desperate for having the thin ones.

Growing eyebrows somehow is not that easy. You need time and some treatments. Here are how to make eyebrows grow back fast.

Castor Oil

Pick the Jamaican black castor oil for growing your eyebrows faster. It contains vitamins, fatty acids and other protein that are essential to trigger the hair growth.

Apply the oil on the clean eyebrows. Make sure you have removed all the makeup residue using warm water. Use a cotton to swab it onto the area. Massage it around three minutes with your finger and leave it sitting on the eyebrows overnight. At the morning, rinse the eyebrows using warm water.


We all know how the vaseline can moisturize your skin very well, but did you know that the vaseline (petroleum jelly) can trigger the eyebrows to grow? It is a good treatment after shaving as well. All you need to do is following the instruction bellow:

  • Clean your face from makeup using makeup remover.
  • Wash your face with warm water, and make sure the makeup residue has been removed.
  • Use a cotton to swab the Vaseline on the eyebrows beginning from the inside to outside.
  • Let it sit overnight
  • For better result, you can simply apply Vaseline twice a day.

Coconut Oil

It is a multifunction oil which can moisturize your skin, scalp and even for making your hair on the eyebrows grow faster. It contains fatty acids that work with natural protein in your eyebrows hair triggering it to grow faster. Besides, the coconut oil also prevents your hair from breaking.

To apply the coconut oil for your eyebrows treatment, clean your face from makeup and swab it using coconut oil. Just concentrate on the area you want to grow naturally. Massage your eyebrows gently with fingers and leave it overnight.

Massaging your eyebrows with coconut oil will increase the blood circulation. Besides, it has the anti-bacterial agent that can prevent you from dandruff. That’s why the virgin coconut oil can be a good treatment for your scalp. You can also mix the coconut oil with castor oil for getting a quicker result.

Aloe Vera

Do you wish a super cheap and easy treatment? Try the aloe vera! It is said to be one of the best makeup agents to rejuvenate the cells for both skin and hair. It is no wonder if many cosmetics contain aloe vera as their main agents.

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You can simply make aloe vera juice, then gently massage your eyebrows after applying the aloe vera over it. Let it sit for 30 minutes and rinse it with warm water. You can apply the procedure every day for the permanent look.

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