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Hypoallergenic Mascara for Sensitive Eyes

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Do your eyes get red when applying mascara and contact lens? Maybe you suffer from allergies – the ones who have hay fever. That’s why this thing becomes a trouble for you who want to look good; short lashes and slanted eyes owners. Luckily, there are hypoallergenic products you can find now with a number of features you need. Before considering the right hypoallergenic mascara, let yourself know about this following information:

Things That Cause Your Eyes Sensitive and Watery

The watery and sensitive eyes are the very common thing you will find. It comes from allergies, dust, pets and also pollen. Especially for you who are a contact lens wearer and you spend your whole day in a room with air conditioner and also star at the computer the whole day will trigger red eyes, itchy and watery.

How Does the Hypoallergenic Mascara Work?

The hypoallergenic products don’t include allergens and free fragrance. Therefore, it is very saved to your sensitive eyes. To know this kind of product, just read the label.

Is Waterproof Mascara Really A Solution?

If you in the hard effort of avoiding the watery and puffy eyes every day, it seems like the waterproof mascara will be your best solution. Somehow, this waterproof mascara will leave your eyes to stick with old chemical since it is very difficult to remove. Luckily, it doesn’t leave panda-eye smudges. Anyway, applying the mascara remover will make your eyes itchier.

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Are There Specific Ingredients to Avoid?

Generally, keep in mind to know yourself the mascara ingredients that trigger the allergies. The simpler formula is often better which contain fewer harmful ingredients. It is better to look for the free fragrance product and stay away to the colored mascara. The HEC (a thickening agent) is needed to be avoided. The one with aloe vera ingredients is much better to sooth the lashes. It will tackle the inflammation as well. Additionally, try to use the mascara under 3 months-opened. Besides, don’t water to your dry mascara. It is dangerous.

Is There Any Specific Procedure To Apply A Mascara?

Don’t ever wear mascara right at your lashes root. Simply brush it to minimize the mascara contact with your eyes. You can also invest your money and time using eyelash from Shu Uemura’s Eyelash Curler.

Are There Product Recommendations?

Lash Power Long-Wearing Mascara

It is our recommendation to use Lash Power Long-Wearing Mascara as it won the Look Magazine Mascara Awards as the Best Waterproof Mascara category. It doesn’t leave smudge and smear. Besides, the waterproof formula will save you from humidity, sweat, rain and also tears. The best thing to remember is the mascara can be removed using warm water. It is Ophthalmologist tested too and can lengthen your tiniest lashes. Another benefit to include is the last longer wear and also works for any kind of skin types.

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Well, now you have no worries to look good at your daily style and the party as well without having watery and red eyes. Choose the product wisely.

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