Liposuction Under Chin: Procedure, Recovery & How Much it Cost

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Everybody hates ages since it will reduce your appearance including having eye bags, dark circles, and fats on some body parts. This is really annoying which you begin to face some difficulties when applying makeup. Or, if you are the expert of this job, you probably have a high concern on your chin and neck. You cannot conceal it, and you cannot remove it with regular diet. You look older and not healthy.

Therefore, under chin liposuction is considered as the best way to remove the fats to improve your look.

What Are the Procedure of Under Chin Liposuction?

The procedure of liposuction requires some steps. You must be healthy during liposuction undergoing. To avoid pain, anesthesia is needed. After that, the surgeon will insert cannulas to help you break up the fat. Some procedures also will be conducted including ultrasonic liposuction or saline solution to help you reach the better result.

What Are the Factors That Can Affect The Chin Liposuction?


We hate age! But this is the main reason for beauty and medical procedure would be successful or not. Some old patients might hope too much to undergo surgery. If you have complex medical history, the surgeons will coordinate with your physician to make sure that the procedure you are going to do is safe for you.

The History Of Weight Gain

Most of you will be analyzed how the procedures would work by knowing the history of your weight. Some people have obesity due to the hormone, fat cells, and others. This way will determine the right procedure to take including your chin.

How Long Does The Surgery Take To Recover?

Several methods (the modern liposuction that doesn’t require needles) will be quicker to recover than the traditional liposuction. Most patients can go to their normal activity after 24-48 hours. Some side effects might occur during recovering, swelling for example, which is considered normal.

Is the Result Permanent?

There is no permanent result actually because the cells always grow up, including fat cells. In fact, some people will get their surgery result last for years without doing second procedures. This procedure still saves your look for several years ahead.

Note that the safest label of liposuction will always result in side effects. You might suffer temporal bruising, swelling, numbness and soreness. Some problems like irritation and also minor scarring will occur around the cannulas inserted. Besides, you will find the baggy skin that needs tightening procedures after few months of liposuction.

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How Much Does Chin Lipo Cost

The success of liposuction also depends on your health including your health record. This will affect much to your recovery. By this case, make sure your surgeon will coordinate with your medical professional to ensure you are in the right liposuction procedures.

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