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Most Expensive Lipstick in the world

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Maybe, just maybe, your men haven’t tasted a kiss from a woman who applies the most expensive lipstick the lips. Everyone is impressed with high-priced makeup product which promising nice fragrance, quality and of course a perfect look.

For a woman, having an expensive lipstick will be a special satisfaction. It is more than how the lipstick reveals their beauty, but also as an asset. Hence, some products bellow can be on your list.

Most Expensive Lipstick in the World That You Want To Buy

7) Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick

Begins from the lower price. This lipstick costs $30 and it is often used by stars. It lasts up to six hours and really pigmented. The lipstick is really high-suggestion that can transform your look. Your full lips now come true.

6) Dolce & Gabbana Monica Voluptuous Lipstick

Dolce & Gabbana is already well-known as a prominent brand in the fashion world from clothing until clothing line. One of their lipstick variants comes as one of the most expensive product in the world. It costs around $35 promising soft result and excellent look. Get the full lips by applying the lipstick on it, and you will get many advantages besides its moisturizers.

5) Christian Dior Rouge No. 999 Lipstick

The Christian Dior Rouge No. 999 Lipstick offers you a comfortable look with nice palette choices including passionate pink, romantic rosewoods, vibrant corals and iconic reds. It is highly pigmented and promises you a last longer result. On whatever you want to use it, this lipstick remains a sensual look that everybody wants to!

4) Kanebo Sensai Intense Lasting Lipstick

For a $40 lipstick, the Kanebo Sensai Intense Lasting Lipstick will be your next reference. It promises you a last longer result and keeps your lips moisture. It is rich in nutrient and let you have beautiful look while keeping your healthy. There are 15 shades you can pick. The Sensai lipstick will be your favorite makeup kit for its variations.

3) Guerlain Rouge G Jewel Lipstick Compact

The Guerlain, one brand that always launches super expensive product including their makeup collection, a lipstick that is priced at $51. It features a ruby-powder formula that creates light on your lips. It is really smooth, plumped and hydrated. The design is marvelous polished with gold color letting you so proud of having a high-quality lipstick.

2) Guerlain KissKiss Gold and Diamonds Lipstick

It is another Guerlain collection with the super expensive price at $62,000. Well, who wants to buy such an expensive lipstick? This lipstick features 18-carat gold and 199 diamonds with 2.2 karats. No wonder if this lipstick becomes very expensive. It is assumed that women will be better to have it as a collection than a daily basis makeup due to its price.

Looking at the color, the lipstick gives mysterious look and provide a long lasting result with full lips.

1) H. Couture Beauty Diamond Lipstick

Another product that will make your jaw drops is the H. Couture Beauty Diamond Lipstick with $14,000,000. It comes with luxury case covered with diamonds around it. We are not sure about the lipstick itself, but people will think the price comes from the jewelry.

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