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Most Expensive Makeup Brands in the World

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We used to have the makeup to cover our flaws, but now we see it more as a trend and lifestyle and it will define your personality. It is unsurprising when we see many products from the low-end brand p to the high-end one, offering different quality including its durability, color and how it reacts on your skin. The better your makeup, the better when it sticks on the skin. Even though it comes in the various price range, there are always fans to wait for.

Talking about the brand, the most expensive makeup always takes the spotlight. They should bring something new, best quality ingredients and also result of course. There is a number of them we have collected. Here is the list!

Most Expensive Makeup That Make Your Jaw Drop

Gold and Diamond Lipstick

It is one of Guerlain product which provides the best look. KissKiss, a lipstick with gold and diamond tube is really outstanding.It offers vanilla-violet fragrance and berries promising good feel after applying it on the lips. There are a number procedures you must follow to get the best result. Keep in mind to apply the Liplift and blend it using fingertips. Once you have done, draw the shape using Stylo Levres, then apply KissKiss on your lips. No wonder if you see $62,000 on the price tag with the features offered.

Orchidée Impériale

Another Guerlain makeup collection, the Skin Cells works to regenerate the skin cells using flowers as the main ingredient. This brand has been popular for 12 years offering the benefits of nature and promising you to get new skin look in one month only when you use it on your daily basis. Don’t worry because this product works with any types of skin that will correct the skin problem. For you who desire to collect the Guerlain product, you should spend $1,953.32.

Beauty Mascara

Next, let’s move to the mascara. Guerlain still dominates the market as the most expensive makeup producer you should put on the list. When it comes to a price, of course, it gives you many advantages from its tube and the mascara. Let’s say a product from Valez. She tries to take the spotlight by giving Swarovski crystals along with blue diamonds and 18K of gold. Yes everyone is mesmerized by the beauty and its accents. It costs 14 million dollars. But who wants to spend such big money for just getting a mascara? Well, some fans of expensive makeup will make it as a collection instead of using it as a daily basis.

Nano Night Recovery

Orogold provides the anti-aging formula that has been tested scientifically. It is made up of gold with 24 karats of gold promising a good result to your skin. The price is shocking for the ones who enjoy the low-end product. It costs 1,500 dollars. There is no review about this product, but they believe there will be more people to spend thousand dollars to try their product. Do you want to compare it with your beauty care product?

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