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Nail Polish That Changes Colors

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We tend to change our fashion styles as the season changes which mean we will wear certain items that fit the climate as well. But, a fashion is only a fashion. You have to make yourself as comfortable as possible and decide your fittest item. Including your nail polish.

So, the summer time will be a trouble as you will have a double duty to repaint your nail. Here are several tips for the color changing nail polish.

Nail Polish That Changes Colors Under The Sun

Del Sol Color Changing Nail Polish

This nail polish kit is the perfect one for you to have color changing nail polish under the sun. The best thing you will find from this nail polish is the changing color after you get the sun exposures. It is free from dangerous chemical including dibutyl phthalate (DBP), Toluene and Formaldehyde. All of the variants is claimed to be the hypoallergenic product that 100% safe for you.

There are 4 steps to imply this Confetti Glitter. First, apply the first coat with a transparent base to protect your nails. after that, apply the Confetti Glitter on your nail. Brush it well and let it dry. Once you have done, apply the same procedures to each nail. Then, apply the glitter on your nail again and reapply the transparent coat to make your nail shine.

Mia Secret Mood Nail Lacquer Color Changing Nail Polish

It is USA product that is perfect for you companion. With 6 pretty colors, you now can enhance your look as the temperature changes. There is no DBP in this nail polish, so you can feel safe. It doesn’t chip as you apply several coats on it.

BMC 3pc Thermal Heat Color Changing Nail Lacquers Gel Polish

The glitter in BMC 3pc Thermal Heat Color Changing Nail Lacquers Gel Polish reacts well with the heat. It also changes under the LED lamps with 9 watts minimum power.  This is really perfect for your fashion companion.

Ruby Wing Color Changing Polish, Electric Firefly

It is the perfect nail polish you will love to buy. You will get the color as you stay at indoor, and also another color when you stay outdoors. This is perfectly cool as it uses Solaractive technology. Besides, the color is non-animal tested and use the natural ingredients only. You never regret this!

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Anyway, there are some tips to buy nail polish so you can get your best look.  Several things bellow should be considered, including:

  • A base coat – it is the base layer you should apply at the first time to protect your nail. It also prevents you from stains, especially for you who love to change your nail polish.
  • Top Coat – This will prevent your polished nail from chipping and extend the life of your manicure.
  • Nail Polish Formulas – Pick the all-in-one nail polish to help you shorten the work.
  • Red and pink – it is important to have those two colors. These are neutral and fit to any kind of outfit you wear.

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