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Water Based Mascara for Eyelash Extensions

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Eyelash extensions don’t need mascara because it has perfect look to hide your thin lashes. But if you wish to apply the mascara on it, the water-based is the best item you should pick. It can create a dramatic look as long as it doesn’t contain oil because it will destroy the lash extension bonds so it will come off faster. Besides, you should also need eye makeup oil including an eyeliner and other makeups related to it. It applies as well to any kind of remover with oil based. Some products bellow will ensure you to have a free oil-base mascara that can last longer.

Water Based Mascara for Eyelash Extensions You Can Have


It has been a long time that Maybelline launches the best makeup kits women ever wanted the most, including this water-based mascara. It keeps your lashes look fuller without clumps. Besides, this free oil mascara is also safe for you who wear the contact lens. There are two types of mascara which one is washable and another type is the waterproof mascara.

Most consumers reported they get their look last longer all day with 2-3 coats. For the bold eyelashes, it is very good and you can apply 1-2 coats for a neutral look.


The mascara is not only to grooms your lashes, but also gives lengthening effect. It enhances your look while let it stay silky. You have no worries with flake even when you apply multiple coats. It is Ophthalmologist as well.


If you wish to make a real impact, this mascara will change the look dramatically. Apply only the tiniest amount to fill the gaps. You can also add some more to add a dramatic look. The mascara is also available in mini bottle. If you have the thin lashes, this will be your companion to add new look on your eyes. Make sure study the procedure application.


The short lashes will get a new boost with this mascara product by adding length and volume without damaging your eyes or your lashes extensions. It is very easy to remove with water. Now you can wear mascara with less irritation and fumes.


It is an oil-free and water-based mascara which can boost your look with the fewer coating. The result leaves no camping on your lash extension which is made of botanic based, so it will not ruin the bonds and protect your mascara from coming off.

That’s all our best recommendation about the water-based mascara that safe for your eyelashes extensions. To remove the mascara, you need to apply water based cleanser and cleanse it using warm water. Then, to remove your makeup (after your mascara has come off), use the oil-free remover to clean your face completely. One thing to remember, apply the lens after using mascara to avoid any danger like red eyes and so on.

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