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Younique 3D Fiber Lash Mascara Reviews

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Every body part of a woman is priceless. It needs special treatment and care to reach a perfection. It is no wonder if there are a number of the product that focuses on different body types from head to toe. It sounds expensive actually, but women love it for having expensive makeup completely just to maintain their health.

One of the most concerned items is the mascara which mostly used due to hiding some flaws so they need a booster to get a perfect look. One of the most phenomenal products known is the Younique 3D Fiber Lash Mascara which is sounded very popular and considered one of the best one. So, is that true? Well, we think we need to break down the good sides and bad sides into Younique mascara reviews bellow.

How does the Younique mascara compare to the other products?

one point you should remember, each product has each own special feature which when you buy the one that proper with your need will result in a perfect look.

The good thing you want to hear is the quick result. It sounds very tricky to put on the 3D mascara. Using the Younique, you will need 2-3 times coats, but when you apply this mascara, it looks 5x better with the same minutes spending times. Applying Younique on the eyelashes will be around 2 minutes, but with the better result. To get the best result, you may try steps bellow:

  • Apply 1 coat of regular It functionaries as a base.
  • Apply Younique gel which can resemble your regular mascara.
  • The next step is applying 1 coat of Younique fibers
  • The last step will be applying another coat of Younique gel to seal your eyelashes.

Besides the best result, the mascara is very easy to remove. You can apply soap and water to rinse the eyelashes. However, you need several rinses due to its water-resistant to clean it completely.

How Long Does Younique mascara Last?

The Younique mascara will protect your face from having you looking like a raccoon. Had your head under the water several times in few seconds without rubbing your eyes. It won’t run down your face. It also works better when you swimming. No panda-eyes anymore because the mascara doesn’t ruin your look compared to other competitors.

Another thing to add is this 3D mascara don’t bother your contacts. Generally when women wear false eyelashes, their eyes getting red for a couple of hours which is the glue of the eyelashes bother your contacts. For you who wish full eyelashes, this 3D mascara is really suggested. Just keep in mind to put your contacts after applying the mascara. Surely it will leave side effects when you do the opposite.

What If You Have Short Lashes?

It is suggested to apply 2 coats of the fiber to encourage the build up your lashes length. But if you have thick lashes? You probably need to reduce the steps we provide above.

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