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Things To See And Do When Visiting Morongo Casino

morongo casino thanksgiving buffet

Things To See And Do When Visiting Morongo Casino

With over 250 slot machines and one of the largest video poker rooms in the Southeast, Morongo Casino offers the best in poker as well as the ultimate in convenience. If you’re looking for a night of fun and excitement, it’s no wonder that Morongo is a popular destination in the entertainment district of Orlando. We’ve put together a rundown of all the fun you can expect from the Morongo Thanksgiving Buffet:

* Live Entertainment – There are always live performers on the weekends at Morongo. Take advantage of the live entertainment that Morongo is known for, or simply play your favorite cards and watch some professional casinos play for prizes at Morongo’s monthly poker tournaments. If you want something a little more grown up, opt for a fun, game show during the buffet. While there, take a look at the latest games, including musical chairs, trivia contests, and games based on the lottery, horse races, and penny stocks.

* Live Band – The Thanksgiving Buffet features a live band to entertain guests. While the band may be playing, you’ll have plenty of time to relax and enjoy yourself at the buffet. Feel free to set your own pace, or follow the music so you can keep up with the action. The live band will not interfere with your enjoyment of the buffet.

* Celebrity Appearances – You can always expect to see Morongo’s celebrities come out to party and mingle with guests. A lot of them will be attending the wedding, but if you’re a local it won’t be a surprise if they show up. They will join the festivities after the big event. Take the opportunity to ask them about their gambling adventures and ask them if they’re coming back for the next big deal in town.

* Bingo games – There are plenty of Bingo games at the casino buffet. Win big by playing your favorite games. Check out the video poker machines before you play them, and try them out on a “temporary” machine before you get into the real game. These machines may be off for maintenance, so you may want to play the games with the blue light on.

* Casino Bingo – Just because the casino doesn’t feature games does not mean the buffet has to. Guests who want to gamble can do so, too. Be sure to play responsibly, though, because if you win, you get no more money than you put in the game.

* Video Poker Games – If you’re the type who prefers to play hands of Texas Hold ‘Em and other table games, then the Morongo buffet is the place for you. It’s also the perfect place to play video poker. All the games feature real poker chips, so you can practice your skills before the big day.

With the most exciting games, the most fun atmosphere, and the best entertainment, the Morongo Thanksgiving Buffet should be on every guest’s must-do list when they’re visiting Orlando. For more information about the buffet, visit the website at You’ll find plenty of information about the buffet and a listing of the holiday events coming up at Morongo Casino!