Morongo Casino hotel

A Luxury Buffet With a Touch of European Culture

If you want a luxury-lure with a pinch of excitement, the Morongo Casino has what you are looking for. With over one hundred fish and shellfish dishes, you will be spoilt for choice. However, if you prefer simple fare, there is a seafood buffet available. There are fish, shellfish, and other ingredients to satisfy every taste.

seafood buffet morongo casino

A buffet at the Morongo Casino is always a good idea, but this is a little different. You have your choice of seafood, the best of it fresh, frozen, or dried. And if you really want something a little exotic, consider the branding. This dish is made from deep-fried, fried-fried, and whole fish delicately cooked in olive oil. It’s the best that you can get, as far as fresh fish goes.

Another dish that you can find at the Morongo Casino is grated goat meat. This also comes in all the flavours you could want. The desserts are equally beautiful, such as peach cobbler and soya, the dessert of Brazil. You can also get a chocolate treat, which you might be better off just ordering at the local chocolate shop and finding it in the hotel restaurant. The desserts alone will make this all worthwhile.

Other dishes include sea urchin soup, oriental salmon, and saltwater and blue fish. You can also choose the signature fish dishes. These include halibut, Marlin, halibut and tuna, and trout. All these dishes are authentic Brazilian flavours, made using only the freshest of ingredients.

The ambience is as impressive as the food, too. It’s like a banquet venue for entertainment. The ambiance is set at a festive, rousing level, perfect for making any person who is attending the banquet feel the real value of the feast. The guests would be swept away by the spectacular colours, the exquisite arrangements, and the rich and inviting atmosphere.

To complement the complete seafood buffet, you have the selection of alcohol, ranging from beer and wine to cocktails. Don’t be surprised to see the well-known alcoholic drink producers, like Mr Porter and Aperol, alongside high-end, quality wines. In fact, all these drinks are made with Italian and French ingredients. So you get a healthy drink, a colourful drink, and a drink with your choice of flavours. The selection of drinks is extensive, too, so that you can have the favourite drink.

If you are looking for a long-term stay, the Morongo Casino also offers you the opportunity to stay in their impressive suites. Suites feature a big balcony, which overlooks the river and the hotel bar. The suite offers complete comfort and relaxation, complete with a private lounge area. This suite also offers full spa services, and special cleaning services, too.

You can also enjoy some friendly competitions, when you visit the Morongo Casino. One such competition is the “liquor derby”. In this competition, they ask you to try and make a new cocktail, consisting of vodka, red wine, vodka, and soda. This competition is open to everyone, and it’s a great way to see how well you know the drinks that you might have to offer your guests.