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Morongo Casino Buffet Menu

morongo casino buffet menu

Morongo Casino Buffet Menu

A Morongo Casino Buffet Menu gives you the chance to discover a dining experience that is unlike any other, at one of the finest casino dining establishments in Las Vegas. Dining in a high-end dining establishment will truly take your dining pleasure to a new level of enjoyment.

The Deluxe Buffet, located in the World Famous Station Casinos, offers a buffet that offers a large selection of appetizers, and entrees, to choose from. From classic favorites to exotic dishes, you can choose your favorite dish and complete the delicious meal. The huge selection of appetizers includes such mouth-watering choices as:

Chips and dip: The assortment of chips available for purchase includes such tantalizing choices as:

Chicken Caesar salad: Freshly cut red and green leaves with a crisp crumbled crust, fresh crumbled bacon, tomatoes, cucumbers, and feta cheese. You will be overwhelmed by the flavors and textures of this delectable salad.

Cheesy garlic shrimp or Garden Delight Cajun chicken: Tender chunks of grilled or boneless chicken, tossed in a tasty spiced sauce. Other appetizers are like:

A beautifully created Honey Sun Crispy shrimp or Squid fried rice. The selections of fresh seafood, both locally and internationally, are far more than just an exciting choice when it comes to eating fish.

A variety of entrees are also offered, ranging from ribs, meatloaf, meatballs, fish and chips, and more. Additional entrée choices include:

This comprehensive morongo casino buffet menu will help you to get your mouth watering and will leave you wanting more. Consider this as you indulge in the Casino’s finest dining experience.