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The Casino Morongo Buffet – An Authentic Food Experience

casino morongo buffet

The Casino Morongo Buffet – An Authentic Food Experience

If you are a fan of old school, Spanish style dining then you have to check out the Casino Morongo Buffet. This is one of the most authentic and delicious delights that you will find in Barcelona, Spain. When you are on a shopping spree in this city then you should also check out this deluxe dining experience that can be enjoyed in the Grand Hotel.

The menu offers every type of fare that is found in Spain. It is very good because it is designed to please the taste buds of the Spanish and if you are not a fan of Spanish food then this is not for you. This hotel buffet offers everything from the traditional menu to the more popular cuisines. Everything from the fresh seafood, traditional Spanish dishes and of course the more western food items that you can only find in Spain are available.

This hotel offers a large dinner selection. You will be able to choose from both the starters and the main courses. This is great for people who love to sit down and enjoy a nice dinner. The famous appetizers are available and so are the desserts. These deluxe restaurant items will go over well with anyone that is visiting the hotel.

Most people prefer to dine at the Casino Morongo buffet. You can choose from the most famous Spanish wines and beers and also you can enjoy the classic Spanish tapas dishes. If you want to have a romantic night out with your significant other then you can have it at this hotel.

Know that you will be spending time here in a Spanish style setting. The atmosphere is warm and inviting. You will be sitting at the bar area and can enjoy your drink while you listen to the live music that is played. There is something for everyone at this classy hotel. If you are looking for some excellent dancing and local beats then you can have that too.

If you want to spend time with your family you can dine at the Casino Morongo Buffet. You can start with the famous sopa de la Chorrocosa. Then you can move on to some of the other traditional Spanish dishes like tamales, tortillas and tortilla soup. These deluxe delights will definitely be a nice change from the standard Spanish fare.

You can also book a room at the Casino Morongo Buffet and stay there for a night or two. It does offer a lot of choices for your stay. You can have a quiet little bed and breakfast or you can take a room next to the pool and relax with a good book or drink in hand. You are only limited by your imagination and budget. It is your choice.

Take your time and enjoy the fabulous foods that are available at the Casino Morongo Buffet. It is one of the best restaurants in all of Barcelona. When you want to experience a true Spanish delicacy then this is the place to go. If you are in Barcelona and are in need of a great new dining experience then this is the place to go.