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Best pH Balanced Body Wash Brands

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How important is the pH balance body wash? Maybe this question often appears in your mind of why some body washes are designed like this. Some of you might think it doesn’t necessary, but for some people, this body washes should be the first priority.

Due to the perspective of skin face is more important than others, people tend to buy the stick soap rather. But when you look at your skin carefully, the appearing of acne on the body can be a result of pH balance. Luckily, not all companies provide pH balance body wash. If you find it, you probably find the one that is not lucky.

Anyway, we have collected some information to meet your need. The list of pH balancer body wash bellow should help you to fix your skin problem.


This brand is more popular as a facial foam product. Today you now can feel a bit luckier for finding it as one of the best pH body washed brand which can help you fix the skin problem. Wait, what? A facial wash for body wash? Yes! You should try it! The soap is in the form of gel and gently will clean your body giving you a nice experience of bathing.

The best thing you can remember is the CeraVe is free from fragrance letting you have smoother skin. Besides, the real reason to try this is making the cleanser as the body cleanser as well. Shocked? Yes, we get shocked as well!


It has 5,3 pH level which is very acidic to your vagina. Yes, you now can be more shocked for having such an acidic soap for your lady part. In fact this only works during your period.

For avoiding such a waste, this product is applicable for your skin as well and it comes in different scents. Each scent is really pleasant. However, it is a little bit watery. You will need a puff to make sure you make enough foam.

We recommend you to use this Summer’s Eve Cleansing Wash because it is very cheap and let you finish the job really well.


So, this is a perfect item to have at home which you have an all-in-one cleanser that has can clean your body very well. It is the SebaMed Liquid Face & Body is purposed to do this job. However, some of you who have sensitive skin should test it first. You probably get your skin little bit itchy after showering. But it is OK, only some of people who have normal skin. It is really worthy for a cheaper body wash.

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Hair & Body Shampoo

Another better option comes on your way. This is Paula’s Choice All Over Hair & Body Shampoo which can function as a body cleanser and body shampoo at the same time. It needs trial and error actually but luckily this brand works best for you. With the 6 pH level, the shampoo can work as your body wash. One thing to remember, this shampoo contains Sodium Lauryl Sulfate/SLS which can be harsh the sensitive skin. For another gentler option, you can opt for the one that has Sodium Laureth Sulfate/SLES.

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