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How To Keep Your Scalp Healthy After Shaving Your Head

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Are you bald and you think that you don’t need a shampoo? Well, you are wrong! Your head still needs treatments as it doesn’t have a natural protection (hair!).

Most people decide to shave completely their hair and move to baldness after getting their hair beginning to fall out. It boosts their confidence and feeling like a tough guy. However, being bald doesn’t mean free from problems, you need a tool to ensure that your scalp will not get burned. Another risk you could have is the irritation you will get during the shave. Admit it!

Keep Applying Shampoo for Bald Head?

Most people think they don’t need to shampoo again because they don’t have hair. But it is wrong! You still need a scalp cleanser and a moisturizer products to keep it healthy. Ensure that you wash your hair with shampoo for bald head every couple of the days. It is even needed when you keep shaving as your daily basis. The natural pollutants, dust, dirt and others. However, you will need a type of shampoo that works effectively. It is really different with the regular one, moreover when many shampoos come with harmful chemicals. The following ingredients are absolutely the one that you should avoid:


Parabens are the most common ingredients found in beauty products. It is a synthetic that leads to allergy and irritation on the skin. Experts found that this can lead to hormone imbalance and also breast cancer according to report.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)

It is a detergent which can penetrate your skin and circulate with things in your body for up to 5 days. The risk doesn’t stop there as well. It also can get rid of your sebum in the root of the follicles which will make the scalp dry and flaky.

Sodium Laureth sulfate or SLES

It is a detergent agent that is mostly found in shampoos, soaps, toothpaste and etc. It works like SLS as well and even can penetrate into the skin and distributed in the body.


It is considered less harmful, but it still needs attention for your health. The scents that you love from a beauty product can cover 3,100 chemicals

When do I decide To Be Balds, Do I Need To Apply Sunblock?

It’s 100% Yes! The UV rays can damage your scalp. Don’t ever miss the sunblock whether it is a generic sunblock or the local products which you can find at the grocery store.

Pick The Most Trusted Shaving Cream

Shaving cream is your next must-have item to have a comfortable shaving every time. It prevents you from irritation and keeps your skin moisturized. Meanwhile, the moisture found on your cream will ease to blade the follicle resulting a soft result.

Use A Good Razor Only

Another main important thing you should have is the high-quality razor to ease your shaving process without leaving irritation. Keep in mind to always use a different razor in your bathroom; for head and face. Don’t forget to apply aftershave to keep your scalp healthy.

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