We are surely looking for any other solution on how to tighten skin under eyes or in other parts of our body.

How To Tighten Skin Under Eyes

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We can’t deny that being aged will certainly come to everyone. And as we get older, the collagen and elastin production also be more decreased at the moment. This situation will lead to the appearance of the signs of aging. Skin sags, fine lines, or even wrinkles are the most frightening nightmare of every woman thinks about. That’s why in that age, we are surely looking for any other solution on how to tighten skin under eyes or in other parts of our body.

Let us tell you why under eyes are the part which easily gets to be wrinkled than other parts of our body. On that parts, we only have less sweat gland which will hydrant the skin and keeps the moisture balance in that area. That’s why under eyes will easily get wrinkled especially if you are frequently rubbing on it. Other causes of being wrinkled or getting skin sags are having a bad diet, undisciplined to the quality of your sleep, not hydrant well, and also choosing the wrong skin care regimen. And the point of preventing them from popping out is keeping your life style healthily.


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Then, how if we already got the wrinkles and skin sag on our eyes? What should we do?

How to tighten skin under eyes – naturally

Choosing natural ways as the solution is never wrong. We have to understand that skin under eyes is the most sensitive part. So if you think you better do it naturally with some home remedies to apply on, it is okay. These are the recommended home remedies to tighten yours under eye skin.

  1. Coconut oil, which has powerful antioxidant. It is also very mild and easy to apply on our face. You only need to dab the coconut oil on your face before going to bed and leave it overnight. Do it frequently to get the maximum result.
  2. Egg white eyes mask, which is known better as a natural skin tightener. The egg white works by reducing the wrinkles or even crow feet if you apply it correctly. You have to pick the organic egg to take the white part off and apply onto the wrinkle in your under eyes skin by using a gentle makeup brush. Then, leave them until dry and wipe with warm water afterward.
  3. Cucumber juice, which is well-known as natural skin tightener and firms the skin. The cucumber juice can also tighten pores. It has Vitamin C and caffeic acid which can promote collagen production. You only need to wash, peel then grinds and squeeze them before applying to the problem areas.

Beside these home remedy recipes, you also have to watch your diet, sleep, drink, and exercise out.

Tightening skin by using non-surgical procedure. Is it okay?

It is also okay if it is done by professionals. The most popular non surgival procedure to tighten the skin is filler. It works by injecting Botox to the problematic skin and directly will counteract the wrinkles, fine lines, or even the crow feet.This treatment is quite expensive and also generally preferred to the mid to late adulthood.

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