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Hypoallergenic Deodorant Mens

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Some people recognise hypoallergenic is caused by chemical substances in cosmetic. The feeling of nasty burn and the rash appeared on the skin by means of applying some products make them have to be careful when choosing cosmetics. It includes deodorant mens that cause some skin problems for most consumers who have sensitive skin. Anyway, these things are always can be prevented when we know the best deodorants which are least likely to trigger the allergy. Check the list!

Almay: Antiperspirant Deodorant for Sensitive Skin

Marked with 4,3 out of 5 stars are good enough to pick. The deodorant contains 25% active ingredients including Aluminium chloral hydrate which is pretty good to care your sensitive skin and stop the sweat which works effectively for 24 hours.

Another good thing to remember is this Almay deodorant is free from fragrance. If you fear of this kind of chemical substance, don’t worry!

This product is a gel. Apply underarms only then cap it tightly after you finish.

Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal Spray Mist

The liquid version of the deodorant crystal is the alternative product for the one that has a problem with aluminium deodorants. It doesn’t have aluminium Chlorohydrate which might cause serious disease including Alzheimer and Parkinson.

The spray is effective to stop the sweat and safe for people who suffer allergically. Some fragrances are available, including Ocean breeze, Honeydew melon, papaya fusion and lavender. Therefore this deodorant is unisex (can be used for men and women) with those fragrances. Meanwhile, the crystal stone inside the Spray Mist will last in a year. It is a good choice for the one who looks for a cheap deodorant.

Crystal Deodorant Essence Roll-On Pomegranate

If you wish the last longer deodorant without having to worries with your allergic, this is the answer! Apply Crystal Essence at the morning and you will not be stink.

Thanks to this spray deodorant for having the non-staining formulation which will not leave the residue.
However, the product doesn’t work as effective as the tow previous product we mention, but it still works best for you who work under the air conditioner. If you don’t, you still can deal with it, but not in extreme conditions.

The fragrance available includes pomegranate, lavender & white tree also vanilla jasmine.

Junglemint All-Natural Deodorant, Extremely Light Mint Scent

This product brings good news for not bringing the aluminium, propylene glycol, paraben and other dangerous chemicals. The unisex fragrance will save you from the stink during your active day.

However, be careful with the heat or light exposure because these products contain baking soda and corn starch. Another thing to note is the feeling of dry after the product applied and in some cases, it will leave a residue.

DeodoMom Roll-on – A Hypoallergenic Lotion Deodorant

Another unisex fragrance comes from DeodoMom Roll-on. Your kids can use it as well since this product only contains Magnesium Hydroxide and water. This product has no animal ingredient and rarely cause a rash. You have no more worries about the hypoallergenic.

The product is also available in a jar, but having the roll-on is handier and easy to use. You can bring it everywhere as well. A note to remember is this DeodoMom only have 1-year shelf life.

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