Under Eye Wrinkle Filler, turn back to the younger skin!

Under Eye Wrinkle Filler, turn back to the younger skin!

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Turning 30s become a big step in everyone’s life journey. In that age, you got the stable emotion and soul. But there is a thing that you are very worried about. It is an eye wrinkle. Naturally, we lost much collagen as we become older. Less collagen under the skin will provide the wrinkle popping up. But when you are decided to treat those wrinkle at the time, you will see that there are so many ways to remove them all.

Get eye wrinkle rid with wrinkle filler, why not?

Let us introduce you all to the injectable wrinkle filler. What will you get after the treatment? Of course, you deserve more youthful face with no wrinkles. You only need about 3 minutes injection for the incredible result for 3 until 4 months later.

Then, it is actually quite same with the botox injection. The different things are Botox works by relaxing the muscle in the place where it was injected and fill the fine lines. As the result, trouble spot mostly disappears. While wrinkles filler also can be “volumizer”, cheek plumper and lifter, fill the thin lips, and plump sagging hands.

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what is the risk of doing wrinkles filler ?”

Every treatment surely has a side effect. For wrinkles filler itself, they have a risk allergic reaction thus make a permanent bump under the skin. As long as the procedure was done correctly, the risk could be pressed away.

You should also be more careful and do consultation with the expert before wrinkles filling. There are several kinds of that filling and each filling has their own purposes. Ask the doctor to help you choose the better filling treatment which is fit to your skin’s character and problem.

  • Hyaluronic Acid Wrinkle Fillers = the most popular type of wrinkle fillers. It has less risk of getting redness and swelling. This kind of wrinkle fillers works in a different way and give the varying result as well. The researchers also claimed that the repetition of this injection will stimulate the production of new collagen in the body naturally.
  • Synthetic Wrinkle Filler = the long-lasting wrinkle fillers result. This filler offers semi-permanent filling.
  • Collagen Wrinkle Filler = the first purified wrinkle fillers from extracted cow’s collagen. The result of this filler is more natural than other. In the other hand, it is not long lasting. The collagen injection could stick up for only one month. The formulation of the substance was very natural so it safer than other and more useful to the wider range of people.
  • Autologous Wrinkle Fillers = this kind of wrinkle filler is using your own fat which is taken from your the other part of your body, e.g buttock, stomach, etc. Your fat will not directly inject to under eye or nose or even to your lips. It will be treated in the laboratory and take a few days. Although it takes more time, naturality of the substance is undoubted anymore. Vampire Lift, the other name of this wrinkle filler, give effect to 12 until 18 months later.

With these various type of wrinkle filler, discuss with your dermatologist to choose correctly and less risk to your skin.

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