Under Eye Wrinkles Botox – look younger than before!

Under Eye Wrinkles Botox – look younger than before!

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Some say women are the funny creature. They hate when you ask their age but will kill you when you forget their birthday. We can’t deny this stereotype as general. It is not unreasonable and we are exactly the part of it. When you start to worry your age, the first thing that you will seek is how wrinkled you are. Is there some wrinkles under eyes or not. This kind of question is familiar in our daily.

Some of us call it fine lines or even smile line. Whatever you name it, it is still wrinkled. The wrinkles popped-up since your body can not produce collagen and elastic protein as much when you are younger.

And under eyes become the most favorite part of wrinkles to pop. Why? Because our under eye’s skin does not make any hydration to keep the moisture balance there. And also, we are often doing the repetitive motion that pulls our skin up like laughing, smiling, etc. Then, how to get them rid around our eyes?

Botox Treatment for wrinkles under eyes, is it effective?

If you ever heard about botox, you surely not-to-think-twice to get the treatment and get your skin become younger again. That’s why Botox was highly sought after by adult women nowadays. Further, more question is coming up. What is Botox? Is it safe? And how it works? The deeper explanation you may get below.

What is Botox?

Botox is actually the acronym from The Botulinum Toxin which is an injectable treatment which helps you eliminate the wrinkles, make your skin look younger, and give fresher appearance temporarily.

How does it work?

The Botulinum Toxin will block the nerve which moves the muscle activity in the area where it was injected on. So, Botox will stop the flexing muscle there and minimize the muscle movement which can draw up another fine line for several months.

Is it safe?

Livestrong.com site claimed that one of a big dermatologist in Beverly Hills said that Botox is the safest way to decreasing wrinkles as long as it is done correctly. Also, make sure the product and the dose are according to the professional’s recipe.

In the other hand, Botox also has the possible risk in its implication. Make sure the one who gives you this treatment is educated and experienced in dermatology. However, during the first experience, it can pop up the bruise at the injection place, headache about a day after the treatment, or even temporary muscle weakness around eyebrows. But, once again, you have to know that all the possibility of its complication will decrease throughout was applied by the pro one.

There are also a few options to reduce the appearance of those fine lines naturally, such:

  • Use sunscreen to block the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.
  • Wear a sunglasses to protect direct sun exposure to the eyes.
  • Stop smoking and live the healthy life.
  • Apply a night time eye cream. Use the one who has collagen booster.

Whatever it takes, either you have gotten the wrinkles or only need to prevent as many wrinkles as possible. You need this information!

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